Three Rivers Pollution Response Council, Inc. has 62 members in its organization.

  •  AEP/Cardinal Operating Company
    Cardinal Electrical Generation Plant
  • AEP/Kammer Mitchell Plant
  • Allegheny County Airport Authority
  • Aptim Environmental and Infrastructure, LLC                                                                Civil Engineering/ Env. Consulting                                                                          
  • Ashland Performance Materials (Neville Island Plant)
  • Ashland Valvoline Inc
    Ashland Valvoline
  • Axiall (Natrium Plant) A Westlake Company
    Chlor-Alkali & Derivatives
  • Borghese Lane LLC
    Inland Marine Towing, Barge Fleeting On the Ohio River
  • Buckeye Pipeline
  • Campbell Transportation Company, Inc. – Clairton Shipyard Operations
    Fleeting, Shifting, and Harbor Service in Lock 2 Pool, Dry Cargo Cleaning
  • Campbell Transportation Company, Inc. – Congo Shipyard Operations
    Clean, repair and tow barges. Tankermen & environmental services
  • Campbell Transportation Company, Inc. – Dunlevy Shipyard Operations
    Barge & towing repair, towing, fleeting, etc.
  • Campbell Transportation Company,Inc. – Georgetown Shipyard Operations
    Clean, Repair, and Tow Barges
  • Center Point Terminal Company, LLC
    Oil Storage & Distribution Facility
  • Covestro LLC
  • East Liverpool River Rail Terminal
    Founded 1975, Bulk Liquid Terminal, Lubricating Oil & Sytrene
  • Eastman Chemical Company
    Hydrocarbon Resin Manufacturer
  • Environmental Management
  • Ergon West Virginia
  • FirstEnergy Generation Corp. (Bruce Mansfield)
    Coal Fired Power Plant
  • FirstEnergy Generation Corp. (Mitchell PS)
    Mitchell Power Station
  • FirstEnergy Generation Corp. (Sammis)
  • FirstEnergy- Beaver Valley Power Station (FENOC)
    Nucelar power plant
  • Gordon Terminal Service Company
  • Gulf Oil LP
    Petroleum Terminal
  • Gulf Oil LP
    Bulk Petroleum Storage/Distrubution
  • Hepaco, LLC
    Emergency Response
  • Heritage Thermal Services
    Waste Incineration
  • Hull & Associates, Inc.
    Civil Engineering/Env. Consulting
  • Industrial Terminal Systems (ITS)
    Contract Packager of Glycol based products
  • Interstate Chemical
    Chemical Terminal
  • John Lavezoli
    Head Pool Coordinator
  • Koppers – Clairton
  • Koppers – Follansbee
    Carbon Materials and Chemicals
  • Marathon Ashland – Wellsville
    Liquid Petroleum Terminal
  • Marathon Petroleum Co. LLC – Midland, Pa Terminal
  • Marathon Petroleum Co. LLC, Floreffe Terminal
    Liquid Petroleum Terminal
  •  Menzies Aviation                                                                                                          Airport Services                                                                                                      
  • Murray Alicia Transshipment Facility
  • Murray American River Towing Inc.
    River Division
  • Murray West Elizabeth Landing
  • Murray West End Landing
  • Neville Chemical Company
  • Pier 48
  • Port of Pittsburgh Commission                                                                              Government Agency                                                                                           
  • S & S Terminal
    Shelly and Sands’ Asphalt Terminal
  • SGS Petroleum Service Corporation
    Licensed Tankerman Services
  • Specialized Professional Services Inc. (SPSI)
    Hazmat and environmental emergency response services
  • Sunoco Logistics
    Barge loading.
  • Sunpro
    Environmental & High Voltage Electrical Services Company
  • Three Rivers Pollution Response Council, Inc.
    Mutual Aid Non-Profit Organization for Pollution Prevention
  • Transmontaigne
    TMG and TMGLP
  • U. S. Army Corps of Engineers–Pgh District
    Locks and Dams on the Mon, Al and Ohio Rivers
  • U. S. Coast Guard–MSU Pittsburgh
    U. S. Coast Guard Marine Safety Office
  • Union Rail Road/TRANSTAR
    Group of rail & water carriers; owned by United States Steel Corp.
  • Union Railroad Company
    Provides rail service for various areas and operates Duquesne Wharf/Barge to Rail Transfer
  • US EPA Region 3
    Government Agency
  • Vavoline
  • Warren Distribution Inc.
    Oil Blending & Packaging
  • Watco
    Transportation, Terminal and Mechanical solutions
  • Weavertown Environmental Group
    Spill Contractor
  •  Zenith Energy                                                                                                                       Liquid Storage